Moving Tip #1:  A week prior to your move, start packing several boxes a day. Begin with items that are least essential to your daily life.

Moving Tip #2: Pack room-by-room. Don’t mix items from different rooms in one box. Label your boxes. Use different colored markers for each room, which will provide additional clarity for you and your movers.

Moving Tip #3: Use boxes designed for moving. Boxes obtained from grocery or liquor stores are not always clean and might not hold the weight. In addition, varying box sizes can make loading more difficult.

Moving Tip #4: Use small boxes for heavy items, large boxes for light ones, and medium boxes for everything in between. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom, lighter ones on top.

Moving Tip #5: Know what you can’t pack. Some common household items can’t be transported inside moving truck because they are hazardous.

Moving Tip #6: Don’t box up everything. You should personally transport heirlooms, important papers, legal documents (wills, passports. etc.), weapon, and valuables.

Moving Tip #7: Pack your first-night box

Moving Tip #8: Disassembling may be time-consuming. If you want to save time/money you can try to do it by yourself.


Moving Tip #9: Don’t forget to transfer your utilities: gas, electricity, home phone, TV cable, internet. Cancel your newspaper or magazine subscription. Change your mailing address.