About the Company

          Premium Moving Service is a family owned fast growing moving company in San Diego. We have worked hard to earn a strong reputation for quality moving services. And we earn it again - every day. We know what we are doing and how to do it carefully, quickly and efficiently. Premium Moving Service promises to offer you the best customer service at extremely competitive rates.

License and Insurance 

          We are licensed and fully insured in the State of California. Our license number is

CAL-T PUC #191177 . To verify license and insurance information or for general questions about moving companies please check California Public Utility Commission website www.cpuc.ca.gov .


Moving Equipment

          We use the best equipment to make sure your furniture and personal belongings are moved as safely as possible.  All of our trucks are clean and well-maintained. Our staff members are trained to the highest standards to ensure a safe, professional experience.

Moving Rates and Prices

          Our professional moving representatives are available to provide you with a free and accurate moving estimate. We offer competitive, affordable moving rates for any size move.